Mass, Fraternity & Fish

Mass, Fraternity & Fish

The idea of the Friars was conceived in 1959 when Lawyer Dick Murphy and Insurance man Jim Prager were talking together. When Dick mentioned a similar club in Detroit, the idea was born. 


This was to be a single purpose luncheon group; a group that promised no outside activities, no fund-raising. There were to be three elements in the meetings: the spiritual, the intellectual, and the business.


These two men worked on the idea for four months. They talked about the idea to many businessmen for several weeks. Cardinal McIntyre gave his approval. At the first meeting, 198 were present. 


The First Friday Friars grew in size with each meeting to follow. The final meeting of the first season had a capacity crowd, of 850 packed into the Disneyland Hotel.

John Sammon, past chaplain (RIP)

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Martin Covarrubias


Immed. Past President

Ron Klucsar


President Elect

Hugh Lynch

Recording Secretary

Gene Hernandez


Fr. Glenn Baaton

Program Chairman

Martin Covarrubias



Denny Shields


Luncheon Chairman


Raffle Chairman

Gene Chronik

Hugh Lynch


Publicity Chairman

Bernie Ocampo


Michael Withrow


Bob Hengstebeck


Tony Paukstis


Keith Myers

John Aust