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Join Us For Our Next Meeting:

Friday, October 2, 2020

11:30 a.m. on Zoom

A Catholic men’s organization with over 200 members, First Friday Friars has met on the first Friday of the month for more than 50 years. A novena of First Friday Masses, THE ORANGE CONFERENCE CENTER  300 South Flower Street  Orange, CA 92868 interesting speakers, and luncheon are provided  Guests and prospective members are always welcome.

Greetings Brother Friars!
I hope you are all staying cool and safe in this time of a global pandemic.

Our first of the new year meeting was a great success. Mass was
livestreamed and conducted by Father Glenn Baaten, our own Chaplain. A
few glitches encountered but, overall, a great job. Our regularly scheduled meeting following Mass was also a success (using the Zoom App).

Our speaker was Yorba Linda Councilwoman, Tara Campbell. Tara was
very engaging and shared life as the youngest, female Mayor in California history, also noting she is graduate of Rosary High School in Fullerton. She was very well received and is very much appreciated for her commitment to community service.


I am excited to share the hard work that our Brother Don Hunsberger has come up with regarding our 2020-2021 speaker programs.


List of speakers:

September: Larry Coppock, Co-Founder and Executive Director at Strength for Service Inc.


The new book is patterned after Strength for Service to God and Country, a book of daily devotions first written for US troops in World War II and the Korean War,and updated a decade ago. Larry will be talking about the growth of the “strength for service” books, from being strictly for military service people, into books that Mission Statement: Celebrating the Sacred Heart of Jesus,  building friendships, and create networking to expand contacts in the Catholic community.” are designed specifically for First Responders. 


In addition, Evan Hunsberger and Brian Barnes will relate their meeting at the National Scout Convention in Chicago some 15 years ago. Brian was wounded while  parachuting into Bagdad and laid in a mortar crater for 3 days, reading the Strength for Service book repeatedly. These books came out in just as timely a fashion for the Covid-19 crisis, as did the earlier books Evan authored for the 9/11 crisis. Evan with Brian Barnes,15 years ago. 


Currently, Brian is a Postdoctoral Associate at the University of Minnesota on the Twin Cities campus. His present area of research is exploring applications for LCxLC in the areas of metabolomics and forensics. 


October: Father Gary Thomas spoke to us about eight years ago. You may recall that his initial exorcism studies at the Vatican inspired a movie entitled The Rite. (He was a consultant on the film). Don joked with him on the phone that it seemed
to make sense to have him talk about exorcism and deliverance to start out the Halloween month.


November:  John O'Neill, author of The Fishermans Tomb and Unfit for Command.

Mr. O'Neill is a graduate of Annapolis, served in Vietnam, and managed to basically knock John Kerry out of the water with his book about the Swift Boat Veterans.  John has agreed to send us 50 of his books about Saint Peter, which will all be signed. The price is $15 per book and will be paid for by the club for our membership. With these two books, he represents one of the best speakers for Military Day that we will have had in some time.

December:  As a speaker for this month, Don will be selecting a key player involved with the book, The Third Miracle. It all takes place in Indiana and Don knows several of the people involved with the story. A few of his Cursillo groupies have also read it and expressed great praise for the book.

January: No meeting.

February: Professor Ron Rychlak, author of several books about Pope Pius XII, has agreed to speak to us again. He will discuss two, highly intriguing topics during the same session: (1) Issues about the Holy Father and (2) Information Mission Statement: Celebrating the Sacred Heart of Jesus, building friendships, and create networking to expand contacts in the Catholic community.” about his new book,Disinformation. This new book is about the Russians and
some of their ongoing misconduct with respect to the rest of the world.

For March and April, Don has speakers that he is considering, mostly with respect to Sports Day. Father Glenn will choose the speaker for May. Thank you, Brother Don!

I will continue to focus on the Mission Statement of our Catholic Men’s Organization, since our inception in 1959: Celebrating the Sacred Heart of Jesus, building friendships, and creating networking to expand contacts in the Catholic community.

Please note: Your Board of Directors voted unanimously to continue our
current membership fee structure. This allows us to continue our
maintenance/operational costs. Most importantly, we can start building a reserve fund that will help offset costs when we begin our face-to face meetings. Treasurer Denny Shields will be sending an email reminder to those who still need to pay dues. Your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated.

Please stay tuned for additional updates, as we navigate these turbulent waters. I do anticipate this Zoom format continuing for the foreseeable future.


Mission Statement: Celebrating the Sacred Heart of Jesus, building friendships, and create networking to expand contacts in the Catholic community.”

Please respond to me, either by email or cell phone, if you have any
questions or comments.

Faithfully yours in Christ Jesus,
Gene Hernandez
Gene Hernandez, President
First Friday Friars

Bob Hengstebeck


Founded in 1959, the First Friday Friars meets on the first Friday of the month to share the Catholic faith and fellowship. We share mass, a meal and enjoy a speaker on a topic of interest to our community.

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